Child Case Management Training

Children’s Case Management/Resource Coordination Training

Please note that you must complete the Basic CM training before taking the children’s training.

Case Managers: You should refer to your supervisor for any specific instructions for your agency.  To begin, click on the Introduction to review the information.  Once you have read through the Introduction click on the lesson for Module 1.  When you have completed the module, print out the test,  complete and submit it to your supervisor.  When you have completed all 6 modules and they have been graded, you and/or your supervisor will send the registration form and your evaluation to Delphine Giles at We will send you a certificate of completion within six weeks.

Tip Sheet for Case Management-Service Coordinator Courses and Testing

Child Case Management Registration Form

Please note: The PowerPoint slides work differently in different browsers. If you’re having difficulties with the links on the slides and not being able to return to the slide you were on, please try Firefox. I apologize for this inconvenience. 


01-Child CM Introduction March 2020

Child CM Module 1 March 2020;

TEST Child Module 1

Child CM Module 2-March 2020; 

TEST Child Module 2

Child CM Module 3-March 2020; 

TEST Child Module 3

Child CM Module 4-March 2020; 

TEST Child Module 4

Child CM Module 5-March 2020; 

TEST Child Module 5