External Agencies

Education and Consultative Services
of UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital

Management and application fees for external programs (outside UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh):

1.  Conference Fee: Our conference management fees are $8,000 per day for programs outside of UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh. Continuing education certificates (not CME) will be an additional $30 each. 

2.  Continuing Education (CE) Application Fees when Education and Consultative Services is NOT managing your event:

    • Certificates are $30, whether the participant or the agency pays.
    • Our accredited course application fees for continuing education (CE) credits is $150.
    • If there are three or more speakers or breakouts, or it is a conference, our application fee will increase to $200.
    • If your program is a multi-day event with several speakers, your cost will be $200 plus $100 for each additional day.
    • We will, as a part of this fee, create your evaluation that is mandated by our accreditation bodies.

Please click here for additional details regarding our services and fees. 

Please contact Doreen Barkowitz if you have any questions about conference management.

Please contact Erin Rodgers if you have any questions about continuing education credits for your event.